Caturday, vol. III: the cattening

  Today’s Caturday collection has been compiled with the assistance of my own two felines, who have been industriously wrecking the place while I work.  Thank you, Kaylee and River! Previous Caturday posts can be found here.    

Caturday, vol. II

Further feline frolics from the fin de siècle (mostly). Puss, my apple ‘gainst thy mouse I’ll lay, The game’s mine if thou hast ne’er a trump to play! … Apes and Cats to play at cards are fit, Men and women ought to have more wit.     Previous Caturday posts can be found here….


The Land of Temples (India), published 1882, has quite a few images of cats, which I think are actually ads for another book entirely. Here is another cat, from Leaves from My Notebook, by an Ex-Officer of the Royal Irish Constabulary (1879). Enjoy your weekend!