Caturday, vol. III: the cattening


Today’s Caturday collection has been compiled with the assistance of my own two felines, who have been industriously wrecking the place while I work.  Thank you, Kaylee and River!

aileen aroon - a memoir of a dog
Those spectacles are about to take a nose-dive.
a series of original portraits and caricature etchings
Delatour likes a cat who knows how to accessorise.
an epistle in verse from pindar
Perhaps this is an allegory of some kind?
dr nikola
Stare into the cold, dead eyes of Dr. Nikola and his cat. Go on. Stare into them.
the baby's museum - stoned cat
This cat needs to dial it back on the ol’ catnip
a tramp abroad - twain
This picture – from Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad1880 – confusingly appears to feature Jiji from the 1989 movie Kiki’s Delivery Service?
new pictures in old frames
This cat is trying to decide whether to attack the doll, the wool or the lute first
love lyrics and valentine verses
A look that I hope one day to be able to pull off
alter ejusdem
Somehow this scene seems unlikely to end well.

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