Caturday, vol. II

Further feline frolics from the fin de siècle (mostly).

humour, wit and satire of the 18th century
Reproduction of an anti-gaming satirical drawing, from Humour, Wit and Satire of the Seventeenth Century.

Puss, my apple ‘gainst thy mouse I’ll lay,
The game’s mine if thou hast ne’er a trump to play!

Apes and Cats to play at cards are fit,
Men and women ought to have more wit.

our friends and all about them - my sister tabby - e nesbit
From Our Friends and All About Them, by the well-known children’s author E. Nesbit.
when life is young - hungry kittens
Hungry hungry kittens, from When Life is Young, Mary Elizabeth Dodge.
songs for little people 105b
Sketch from Songs for Little People (which is full of quirky images, and is also the source of my own WordPress avatar).
love-lore - cat riding fairy
Mounted archery: from Love-Lore and other early and late poems


the sisters, or the fatal marriages - cat lawyer
A legally-minded feline, from The Sisters; or the Fatal Marriages, by Henry Cockton, 1851.
when life is young - cat in shoe
Most cat owners will be familiar with this phenomenon – from When Life is Young.


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