Works in Progress: our collection


This year’s IASIL conference was fascinating and thought-provoking, as well as being a whole lot of fun, and I think we’re all still processing the excellent feedback we received!  Many things to think about!

One specific request we received was for there to be a list of the works that we’ve analysed so far.  Which is entirely fair, and now that we’ve taken a breather from frantically gathering data, we’re actually in a position to put one up!

Here is our project’s Collection page.  At the time of writing, we’ve completed our analysis of 46 works.  We’ll be editing this to reflect new novels as we get them done.

The datasets from the novels are still a work in progress, although we will be making them publicly available at a later stage of the project.  (If you’re interested in our data, you can access some samples here.)

Here’s a graph showing the novels in our corpus, broken down by the author’s nationality and the decade of our time period (1800-1922):

author nationality
Corpus of novels by author nationality (as of Aug 10th 2016)

The choice of which works to analyse depends on a number of factors, but our goal is to eventually have a more or less equal spread of novels by Irish and British authors, while also balancing male and female authorship, representation of different genres, and representation of different time periods.  This is quite a tricky task!  However, although it might look as though we have a few imbalances across the century, we are more or less on track.

Here’s a gender breakdown of the corpus:

author gender
Corpus of novels, by author sex (as of Aug 10th 2016)

Next port of call: the 1820s!


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