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an old chronicle of leighton - book

Below is a list of all texts which have been analysed to date by the Nation, Genre and Gender project.
This page was last updated on 20/04/2017.

Title Author Year Nationality Gender
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James 1916 Irish M
A Study in Scarlet Conan Doyle, Arthur 1886 British M
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis 1865 British M
Belinda Edgeworth, Maria 1800 Irish F
Bleak House Dickens, Charles 1853 British M
Carmilla Le Fanu, Sheridan 1872 Irish M
Castle Rackrent Edgeworth, Maria 1800 Irish F
Dr. Rumsey’s Patient: A Very Strange Story Meade, L. T. 1896 Irish F
Dracula Stoker, Bram 1897 Irish M
Emma Austen, Jane 1815 British F
Ennui Edgeworth, Maria 1809 Irish F
Frankenstein Shelley, Mary 1818 British F
George Geith of Fen Court Riddell, Charlotte 1865 Irish F
Great Expectations Dickens, Charles 1861 British M
Jane Eyre Brontë, Charlotte 1847 British F
Lady Audley’s Secret Braddon, Mary 1862 British F
Mansfield Park Austen, Jane 1814 British F
Max Thurston, Katherine 1910 Irish F
Middlemarch Eliot, George 1874 British F
North and South Gaskell, Elizabeth 1855 British F
Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane 1817 British F
Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles 1838 British M
Orlandino Edgeworth, Maria 1848 Irish F
Persuasion Austen, Jane 1818 British F
Phineas Finn Trollope, Anthony 1867 British M
Phineas Redux Trollope, Anthony 1874 British M
Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane 1813 British F
Rosamond Jacob’s Diary Jacob, Rosamund 1916 Irish F
Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane 1811 British F
The Absentee Edgeworth, Maria 1812 Irish F
The Annals of the Parish Galt, John 1821 British M
The Beetle: A Mystery Marsh, Richard 1897 British M
The Black Prophet Carleton, William 1847 Irish M
The Blood of the Vampire Marryat, Florence 1897 British F
The Hound of the Baskervilles Conan Doyle, Arthur 1902 British M
The House by the Churchyard Le Fanu, Sheridan 1863 Irish M
The Invisible Man Wells, H. G. 1897 British M
The Masquerader (John Chilcote, M. P.) Thurston, Katherine 1904 Irish F
The Mayor of Casterbridge Hardy, Thomas 1886 British M
The Mysterious Affair at Styles Christie, Agatha 1920 British F
The Nun’s Curse Riddell, Charlotte 1888 Irish F
The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar 1891 Irish M
The Sign of the Four Conan Doyle, Arthur 1890 British M
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Stevenson, Robert Louis 1886 British M
The Time Machine Wells, H.G. 1895 British M
The Vampyre Polidori, John William 1819 British M
The War of the Worlds Wells, H. G. 1898 British M
Vanity Fair Thackeray, William 1848 British M
Waverley Scott, Walter 1814 British M