Nursing mothers: an image collection

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week 2016 (a day late – but better late than never!), here is a small collection of vintage public-domain images of women nursing their babies, from the British Library Labs and Internet Archive images collections.

the survey - ad featuring mother
An unusual instance of a breastfeeding mother being pictured in an advertisement – from 1918.  (Source)
le seins dan le histoire
A cheerful-looking mother and baby – 1903 (Source)
international studio - nursing mother 2
A reproduction of “Maternité” by Victor Dupont, from a 1920s art magazine (Source)
international studio - nursing mother 1
Reproduction of “Mother and Child” by Jean Marchand, also from International Studio (Source)
monographien zur deutschen kulturgeschicte - breastfeeding
Breastfeeding with a view: an image by 16th century German engraver Barthel Beham (Source)


homes of other days - feeding baby
An 1871 copy of an image from a medieval manuscript. (Source)
doctor comicus
Breastfeeding out and about, from the satirical Adventures of Dr. Comicus, published around 1825 (Source)
roxburghe ballads - baby nursing
Finally, a rather tired-looking mother pictured as an illustration to the ballad “The Scotch Lasse’s Constancy” (source)

An honourable mention must also go to Gillray’s 1796 “The Fashionable Mamma“, which I thought I had a copy of, but which seems is not the case.  This is probably meant to be cruelly satirical, but I’m actually quite impressed by the very practical outfit the pictured mother is wearing!

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