A Portrait of the Project: our official website is announced!

I’m delighted to announce that the Nation, Genre and Gender Project’s official website is now up and running!

We created this site (in association with Vermillion Design) in order to showcase some of what we do here at Nation, Genre and Gender, when we’re not overthinking Jane Austen’s novels or identifying weird gender tropes in 19th century book illustrations.

Here’s a brief overview of the project (filmed by the wonderful folks at MakinMediaMobile!)

And on the site we’ve got podcasts, animated network visualisations, links to our publications, images, maps and sample datasets for those of you that are into that kinda thing.  Currently we’ve got three main case studies, focusing on the novels Pride and Prejudice, Phineas Finn, and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, because this gives a nice overview of the project’s span – from 1813 to 1867 to 1916 – and of the range of different kinds of works that you find in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  But there’s lots more to come!

We hope you find the site interesting and informative, and if there’s anything missing or you’d like to see more of anything, please let us know!

babylon electrified - man writing letter
Dear NGG administrator – more steampunk pls – thks

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