Image Collection of the Week: Victorian mansplaining

Some visual representations of Victorian mansplaining from the British library corpus for your perusal…

Image taken from page 71 of 'Gleanings from Popular Authors'1894
Image from “Gleanings of Popular Authors (1895). “Yes, Robert, the fact that we’re still in a hot-air balloon hasn’t escaped my attention, please sit down.”


Image taken from page 22 of 'Illustrated Penny Tales. The Strand 1894
Image from The Illustrated Penny Tales. The Strand 1895.  John: “Hang on a minute Mary, stop interrupting me, I’m trying to explain the nuances of this complex article to you in small, simple, lady-words that you’ll understand.”  Mary: “John, for God’s sake and for the last time – I wrote the article, now hand it back.” 
Internet Archive Image from page 1346 of The Ladies' home journal (1889)
Image from The Internet Archive page 1346 of The Ladies Home Journal (1889). “I wonder if I should tell him about the tiny woman sitting on his shoulder”
Image taken from page 51 of 'Drawing-Room Plays. Selected and adapted from the French by Lady Adelaide Cadogan. Illustrated by E. L. Shute, etc'
Image taken from page 51 of “Drawing-Room Plays. Illustrated by E.L Shute. One way to drown it out. 


11233674784_777486c60c_k (1)
Image taken from page 237 of “The Heart of Man… Third edition. Tenth thousand.  Debbie has well and truly had enough of Robert’s words of wisdom.



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