Warning! Women on bikes

This week’s image collection is inspired by Kate Beaton’s fabulous cartoons riffing on vintage cautionary literature for ladies, although these velocipedestriennes don’t seem too concerned about The Dangers of Cycling…

the cycle directory
This modest lady is shown here on a contraption known for some reason as “the Rucker“.  From The Cycle Directory, 1884.
eene halve eeuw
Nothing like having the horizon at your back and a REALLY big ruffle around your neck to make you feel on top of the world.  Another lovely image from Eene Halve Eeuw, published 1898.
canterbury pilgramage - chased by dogs
A couple of “pilgrims” on a very intriguing tandem penny-farthing  are pursured by dogs, in this quirky 19th-century retelling of The Canterbury Tales.  A Canterbury Pilgrimage, 1885.
wheel outings in canada
Shocking photographic evidence of Canadian bike gang activity, 1895. From  Wheel Outings in Canada and C. W. A. Guide.
waif and stray, the adventures of two tricycles
Presented without comment, except that I must get around to reading this book.  From Waif and Stray: the Adventures of Two Tricycles, by Chilosa, 1896.
hundert jahre in wort und bild
A friendly salute from a German velocipedestrienne, 1899.

I think this last image is my favourite, though…


the white cat
Gentlemen, don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to take the twins out for some fresh air on the penny-farthing tricycle, and you get accosted by scantily-clad women?  (The White Cat, 1882.)

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