Fun with Search Terms

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Today, out of curiosity, I decided to take a peek at the search terms that people have found The Sea of Books with, over the year that our blog has been in existence.

The results were intriguing, but suggest to me that I may want to think about doing some kind of search engine optimisation… or maybe that we’re in the wrong business altogether?

People We Hopefully Were Of Some Use To

why was lady catherine in charge of her estate
– Because everyone was too afraid to challenge her right to it, I guess?

“the story of the moor road”/ flaxman low complete
– Pssst. Check out the link in this blog post.  Flaxman Low is great fun and well due a revival!

18th and 19th century novels
– The 18th is actually a bit early for us, but as for the 19th, we’ve got ’em right here for you

when was austen elizabeth bennett born?/ elizabeth bennet birthday
– Well, it’s totally just a guess, but here’s my take!

bestsellers of the 19tg
Here’s a few!  (Also, here’s why there are so many Walter Scott novels going around cheap, in case you’re interested.)

pride and prejudice characters in order of importance
– Well, here are the least important, if that helps?

harriot freke
– One of the greatest, loopiest, roistering, politically-agitating, duel-fighting antiheroines of the 19th (or any) century. The woman needs a book, or several, of her own. No offence, Belinda, but you’re just not as much fun.

max katherine cecil thurston
– We need to write more about Katherine Cecil Thurston’s excellent novel Max! In the meantime, have a look at the lovely illustrations.

People We Were Almost Certainly Not Helpful To

sea of books contact number
– We shut down our emergency hotline after we remembered we’re an academic research project dealing in books by dead authors. Try our email address instead

burnbots insult of the week
– Somebody ELSE has an insult of the week? Well, I never!

photos of cranford resident mrs forrester
– We have a nice illustration, but no photos, I’m afraid.  Try Google Images?

cat has a collar book
– I couldn’t find this one either – sorry! It sounds cute

then and now store lucan
– I think this might be that chain of old-timey gift shops?

abed decorative sex
abed is confused

People We Were Maybe Able To Help…?

phineas james joyce
– We have worked on both Phineas Finn and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist, that’s for sure!  (We also have an award-winning audiobook of Joyce’s novel which you might enjoy, on our digital edition.)

no species ofcompositionhas been so much decried as the novel what is yhe narrator saying
– Okay, look, we’ve all googled our homework at some point, no judgment here. Just make sure you cite us properly

wu tang james joyce
– Probably this post – unless someone’s writing a comparative PhD thesis somewhere? (I would like to read it if so!)

1798 published map of dublin now how much
– This sounds intriguing, but I don’t recognise the map offhand. Perhaps the National Library collection might be a starting point?

elizabeth bennet the things she says throughout the book thoughout the book
– Drawing upon our extensive experience as literary scholars, our best advice to you here is: try reading the book.

images of fanu cake
– Can I come to your party?

brain attic
– My sympathies. I lose things in my brain attic too.



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