Nightmares, Ghosts and Ghouls: a spooky October on the blog


Happy 1st of October to all of our readers!  This month, we’ll be digging into the dusty digital vaults of the British Library Labs, in order to bring you some of the finest in obscure and forgotten spooky fiction, folklore, poetry, and pictures.  And believe me, there’s tons to be getting with – the Victorians liked nothing better than a memento mori, or a spine-chilling tale by the fire.  (Of course, they preferred them at Christmas, but we’re bowing to modern tradition by having them in the run-up to Halloween instead – one has to make some concessions.)

eene halve eeuw - skull and books.jpg
Artist’s impression of the Nation, Genre and Gender office this October – accurate except that we have more skulls around the place, and also mostly work from PDFs

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy a literary Halloween with us!



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